Dr. Jennifer Christman
Forensic and Clinical Psychological Services


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Areas of Practice


forensic services

Dr. Christman's primary area of expertise is forensic psychological services. Forensic psychology is where psychology and the legal system intersect. Forensic psychologists work in court systems, correctional and detention facilities, forensic hospitals, and in the community with individuals who have been involved with the legal system.

Dr. Christman performs forensic evaluations (see Assessment) and treatment services for forensic clients, such as incarcerated offenders, parolees, custody cases, juvenile delinquency. She is also available for workshops and training for clinicians, correctional or peace officers, law enforcement, and others who work in the criminal justice system. 

clinical services

Dr. Christman is available on a selective basis for short-term treatment services for adolescents with behavioral issues and/or their families.

Unfortunately, Dr. Christman does not provide medication or prescription services.    




Dr. Christman primarily performs assessment, evaluations, and testing for both adults and juveniles, such as:

Psychological testing: Personality testing, Cognitive testing, Behavioral testing, Academic testing, Adaptive functioning, Diagnosis clarification, Treatment planning

Forensic and court-ordered evaluations such as waiver/transfer, guardianship/mutidisciplinary, psychosexual or sex offender evaluations, risk assessment, malingering, forensic TBI, competency or capacity evaluations

workshops & speaking

Dr. Christman is available for workshops, training, and speaking engagements for psychologists and non-psychologists alike.

For psychologists, topics can include psychological testing, report writing, interviewing techniques, diagnostic clarification, forensic evaluations, testifying in court, treating children & adolescents, treating offenders, treating disruptive behavior disorders and cluster B personality disorders, trauma in children, forensic psychology ethics and careers, working in the court system, how to identify psychopathy, and more.

For other clients, topics can include how to read psychological reports as a non-psychologist, mental health awareness training for employees of any field, how to work with difficult or traumatized children, and more.


Dr. Christman provides supervision services for Master's and Doctoral level psychologists seeking licensure in North and South Carolina.


Dr. Christman is available for consultation regarding all types of psychological testing, interviewing, evaluation report writing, test administration and interpretation, diagnostic clarification, working with children and adolescents, dysfunctional family systems, cluster B personality disorders, juvenile behavior disorders, school behavior issues, sexual misconduct or sex offenses, psychopathy and sociopathy,forensic and court-related clinical services, and more.